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Our Neurochip instant payment service system includes some top class features:

Real-time transactions: The ability to process payments and transfer funds instantly, allowing for immediate confirmation of payment.

Multi-channel support: The ability to process payments through various channels, such as online, mobile, and in-store.

Secure transactions: The use of advanced security measures to protect personal and financial information during transactions.

Multiple payment options: The ability to accept various forms of payment, including credit/debit cards, electronic transfers, and digital wallets.

Fraud detection and prevention: The use of advanced algorithms and security measures to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Integration with other systems: The ability to integrate with other systems, such as accounting and inventory management systems.

Recurring payments: The ability to set up recurring payments for subscription-based services or recurring billing.

Customizable payment forms: The ability to customize the appearance and functionality of payment forms to match the look and feel of a website or application.

Reporting and analytics: The ability to generate detailed reports and analytics on payment activity and transaction history.

Customer self-service portal: A customer self-service portal allows customers to manage their own payments and transaction history, including the ability to view past transactions, print receipts, and dispute transactions.



Neurochip Instant payment system will help you to grow your busniness very fast. Our instant payment system will provide quality service as per your requirement. Your can use instant payment system for various purposes such as online commerce payment, In store transactions, Mobile payments, Digital wallets, Utility and credit bills & many more.

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